Self-Service Kiosks for senior Living Centers

Senior living kiosks offer advantages for staff, residents, and guests

Self-service kiosks perform a variety of functions to streamline your center’s operations.

Kiosks Benefit Assisted Living Centers and Nursing Homes

In a recent survey of senior housing professionals, 80% of the respondents indicated their facilities increased their tech budget to help address issues caused by the pandemic.  This number is expected to increase in 2021.  Investing in telehealth kiosks, check-in technology, remote patient monitoring and more can go well beyond the pandemic, though, offering staff, residents, and guests conveniences and efficiency. 

With numerous features and style options, we have kiosks that fit your unique needs and aesthetics.  See below for our full line, and read further for ways to best use senior living kiosks in your center.


The cost of self-service kiosks can vary widely depending on use-case and what hardware is required. However, a standard kiosk can run between $1,500 to $4,500, with additional features or customization increasing the price.

Take a look at our standard self-service kiosks to find a model that suits your needs, and then contact our kiosk experts to learn more about pricing and features.

Software Integration

While kiosks do not come with software, we work with a variety of software partners that integrate with our kiosks and can meet your needs. As a one-stop solution provider, we’ll connect you with the right software service to meet your specific goals.

Read about our latest partnership with leading software provider PROVISIO here.

Steps to Start

1. Determine how you’d like to use a kiosk.

2. Contact us to begin.

3. Outline your objectives with our team, and we’ll guide you on design, hardware, and software requirements.

4. We handle all production and delivery*.

*Delivery times typically take 6-8 weeks from PO to delivery, with fully customized units taking anywhere from 14-16 weeks.

Discover the variety of ways kiosks can benefit your facility


Self-service kiosks can provide staff with on-site training solutions and time card keeping as well as offer quick points of care for patients.


Allow residents to check their schedules, sign up for new activities, and communicate with other residents, staff, or family members.



Kiosks can help guests check in as well as navigate the facility and join their loved ones in specific locations.

Keep Residents, Staff, and Guests Safe with Wellness Kiosks

Our wellness kiosk offers forehead or wrist temperature scanning, health screening questions, and contactless hand sanitizer – all ways to mitigate the spread of serious illnesses like COVID-19. Learn more about our temperature screening kiosk here.

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