Human Resources Kiosks

A full-service solution that offers HR capabilities and remote temperature screening.

Human Resources Kiosk

Remote technology and software empowers Human Resources departments and staffing agencies to handle HR needs at multiple location sites.

Functions include:

  • Onsite Activities
    Allow staff to monitor shift changes, greet new hires, conduct temperature checks, and connect employees with departments like HR, payroll, or telemedicine – all while saving the cost of staffing management on-site.
  • Remote Control
    Utilize SmartLocker systems to remotely distribute essential items like PPE, pay cards, and badges.
  • Hiring Features
    Interview job candidates, collect universal digital applications, and onboard new talent at different site locations – from anywhere.
  • Optional Thermal Temperature Scanning
    Monitor employee temperatures with minimal disruption and an emphasis on privacy and safety.
Human Resources Remote Temperature Kiosk

Remote Temperature Kiosk Capabilities

In addition to HR functions, the kiosk offers remote temperature checking capabilities using a sophisticated thermal camera located in a black box at the end of the kiosk’s boom.

Remote screening offers many advantages.

Minimizes Health Risk

Temp Scan in Seconds

Reads temp within half a degree

Contactless Scan


Thermal Imaging

It is not 510(k) cleared or intended to replace a medical thermometer. However, based on new FDA guidelines published April 2020, the FDA stated that it accepts the use of thermal cameras for initial body temperature assessment for triage use without a 510(k) clearance during the health emergency, provided the thermal imaging system meets the standards set forth in the guidance. It meets all of these applicable standards. It should not be used to diagnose or exclude diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other disease or condition. The FDA recommends using a secondary evaluation method to confirm fever such as a clinical grade contact thermometer.

It has ± 0.3°C (0.5°F) measurement accuracy aimed at an object with a temperature that is known and stable, such as a Fixed Heat Source (also known as a black body). Unlike typical industrial thermal cameras, it was developed and calibrated for precise skin temperature measurement and maximizes accuracy by referencing the Fixed Heat Source with a known temperature value. The system sensitivity is 40 mK (typical).

Skin temperature does not directly correlate to body temperature. The relationship between skin temperature and body temperature can vary among individuals subject to a number of factors such as physical activity prior to measurement, ambient conditions and subject distance from the camera.

Similar to temporal thermometer, it measures skin temperatures as a proxy to estimate body temperature. The system alerts the user when this temperature exceeds the customizable temperature threshold set by the user. It does not diagnose Covid-19 or other disease, illness or disorders.

The camera works just like an infrared temporal thermometer – but from a safe social distance. It uses face detection to automatically trigger measurement.

No, it measures parts of the face that are not covered by facial hair. 

A few variables can affect skin temperature measurement differences. Therefore, it looks to find the hottest, most reliable parts of the face for temperature measurement. Sunbathing and exposures to other hot temperatures can increase the temperature of the skin temporarily, and perspiration, cool rainwater or cold wind on a face may temporarily cool a face. This should be taken into consideration when screening.

Our product is intended for indoor use only and in environmentally controlled rooms.

That is up to the discretion of the user. However Agile Force has a set of best practices and works with each client to establish procedures consistent with their corporate policies on safety and privacy.

Yes, this is required. The Fixed Heat Source enables it to produce much higher accuracy than a standard thermal imaging Camera. It will not operate unless the Fixed Heat Source is detected in the Camera scene. 

No, the system intelligently looks for a single face to begin measurement. Please have only one subject in the Camera scene at a time. 

Measurement time is 1 second. With social distancing and approach time you can expect it to take 6-10 seconds per person. If you are also having them answer a questionnaire you will need to factor in that time as well. The Engagement Station can display those questions for the employee to review and answer or it can be verbally administered by the agent monitoring the system.

Yes. Our system is monitored remotely from anywhere. 

The system will not work with the required accuracy if the ambient temperature in the room exceeds 105°F. You should also avoid leaving the Fixed Heat Source in direct sunlight where it can be heated above its known temperature. 

Environmental conditions such as warm and cold airflow may affect skin temperature. For optimal system performance we recommend installing this system inside a temperature-controlled environment but not directly in line with an HVAC vent. 

Normal indoor lighting is needed for best results.  Dark or nighttime conditions can make it difficult for the system to detect a subject.  Glare, direct sunlight or reflection into the camera can also cause issues to detect a subject.  For best results it is recommended to operate in standard indoor lighting conditions. 

HR Functions

Yes. We have integrated with many of the major HR systems to allow for a seamless experience for the candidate/employee.

Yes. Our process exceeds the current guidelines for completing the I-9. It is 100% auditable and we guarantee the process 100%. We’d love to show you a demo of how it works.

It can be used to capture ID’s, certifications, documents and forms that are necessary for application, onboarding, employment or any special registration process.

Yes. The foundation of our system is built on communicating with video. It can be initiated from either side. Incoming requests for help can be routed based on location, time of day, language or any other data point that will direct the user to the proper person that can help them.

Yes. If the provider wishes to participate live with video they just need a chrome browser and a webcam setup or the request for help can just be connected with audio.

Yes. If you use our SmartLockers you can remotely dispense just about any kind of PPE, paycards, keyfobs, supplies, etc. The lockers can be setup to only allow remote control or you can integrate a keypad for employee’s self-service.

Depends on the system. Generally, the major systems support API integrations.

Depends on the system. Typically, these are closed systems. However we have experience integrating with these systems and would recommend a deeper discussion with our technical staff to show you what is and what isn’t possible.

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