Government Kiosks

Akron Municipal Courthouse Kiosks

The Akron Municipal Court in Akron, OH recently employed kiosks with AI technology to provide customizable customer support for visitors. The workforce platform, created by ARS Connect, answers frequently asked questions, allowing courthouse employees to redirect time spent on customer service to more complex tasks.

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Courthouse Kiosks

ARS Connect, the technology company behind an AI workforce platform that provides customized customer support for visitors. Read More
DMV Kiosk

License Renewals

DMV self-service kiosks provide convenient solutions for motor vehicle transactions like registration renewal, insurance reinstatements, and more. Read More
Education Kiosk

Higher Education

Public university students can utilize kiosks to make tuition payments, order books, and access special services for IT help or telemedicine. Read More
Bill Pay Kiosk

Transactional Kiosks

Transactional kiosks provide cash automation services including cash, credit and debit services.

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