Education Kiosks

Higher Education Kiosks Benefit College Campuses.

Offer university students, faculty, and visitors the convenience and safety synonymous with interactive kiosks. From streamlining student and information services to offering security features for school grounds, higher education kiosks provide easy automation to enhance the college campus experience.

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Streamline Student Amenities

Simplify student processes like class registration, tuition payments, textbook purchases, and much more.​


Provide Information Services for Guests and Students

Offer wayfinding kiosks to navigate large universities or provide students with virtual IT help and teleservices like banking and healthcare.​


Ensure Campus Safety

From secure check-in to video surveillance or first aid equipment, college kiosks can utilize kiosks for a safer premises.

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Textbook Brokers Offers Online Bookstore Kiosk at Northwest College in Wyoming

A leader in collegiate retailing, Textbook Brokers operates dozens of college bookstores across the country. Recently, the company partnered with Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. to roll out an online bookstore kiosk for Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming.

Located in the school’s admissions office, the online bookstore kiosk allows students to order college textbooks, school supplies, electronics, and school spirit apparel, with items shipped directly to students or sent to a campus pick-up location. In addition, Textbook Broker can access the kiosk remotely to make any needed updates.

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