Automotive Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks let your customers take the wheel

Whether your customers are in the showroom to trade in for a more reliable vehicle or stopping by for a routine oil change, automotive self-service kiosks can streamline the process.

Check out the FCA Media Center that assists with sales in dealer showrooms or the DMV self-service kiosks that offer convenience to residents and increase employee satisfaction.

Customize Your Car

Interactive features, customization options, and product recommendations on a car dealership self-service kiosk help buyers check out after-market additions.

Convenient Scheduling

Scheduling a service through an auto mechanic or rental self-service kiosk without having to talk to a service rep would save both the employee and customer time.

The Future of Technology

The auto industry has changed drastically in such a short time thanks to the rise of the internet. Learn how self-service kiosks in the auto industry are shaking things up.

A few of the benefits include:

  • Decreased transaction time for both the customer and the dealership
  • Increased transparency by providing the customer with the information in plain language
  • Customer engagement with the brand

Self-service automotive kiosks create a seamless interaction between the salesperson or service technician and the customer. 

BMW Kiosks

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