Self-Service Kiosk Manufacturer for Any Industry

Approach self-service kiosks deliver an interactive experience.

Multiple industries are embracing the digital experience for their customers with interactive self-service kiosks. 

As a self-service kiosk manufacturer, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. understands the process from start to finish. We have our Approach line for stock kiosks, but we also have teams of designers, engineers and model makers for those looking for a custom look.


Our partners create the most seamless experience. The self-service user interface is designed and developed for your unique industry, customers and needs.


Each industry has its own needs and pain points, and our decades of experience in kiosks gives us the know-how to address them. We didn't create a one-size-fits all. We created a self-service kiosk solution that caters to you.


We have done our research, and we will share with you an inside look into how self-service kiosks are shaping your industry.

Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks Include:

Trust your investment in consumer satisfaction to an experienced self-service kiosk manufacturer and realize the advantages of improved sales and brand loyalty. 

Alright, now it’s your turn. 

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