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Garmin’s eye-catching displays grab customers’ interest

Garmin International, Inc.’s freestanding and counter display units showcase the company’s many series of GPS navigation and wearable technology products using impactful graphics, video, smart lighting and product staging.  The company’s initial objective was to develop a permanent, configurable global display with an iconic look and style that is aesthetically pleasing to a global customer base.

Customizable options for retailers

Over 20 different security brackets were engineered and developed for the program, allowing for flexibility in merchandising products that vary in size and shape.  Retailers can tailor graphic panels, video loops, product storage, and amount of exhibited merchandise to meet their specific market and inventory.


Freestanding and countertop display aesthetics

The freestanding display unit is a customizable floor unit with a locked glass door that provides secure display while the Garmin brand name is easily recognizable in frosted glass on the base cabinet.  Offering the same customization choices, the countertop display units can hold up to three products and is a beneficial option to retailers with space constraints.

Garmin Countertop Display

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