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IRONe ­– Harley-Davidson E-Bikes for Kids

Harley-Davidson, Inc. acquired StaCyc, Inc., a manufacturer of electric-powered two-wheelers for young children.  A Harley-Davidson branded version of StaCyc’s 12-inch and 16-inch bikes will be sold in Harley-Davidson dealerships. 

Harley-Davidson asked Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. to design and produce a multi-product display that could securely hold two bikes, three helmets, bike decals, riding gloves and t-shirts.  An additional bike stand is secured to the base for a third bike.

The digital display features a flash player with a 90-second video loop, and dealers will be able to update content easily using a USB flash drive.

The display is made of powder coated sheet metal and contains magnetic graphics and adjustable peg hooks.

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