Planning Retail Display Programs During a Supply Chain Crisis

Fall 2021 | Issue 09

The best of in-store merchandising, interactive kiosks and store fixtures for brands and retailers nationwide.

The FMA Magazine Fall 2021 issue includes articles on:

  • Planning Retail Display Programs During the Current Supply Chain Crisis
    Discover how smart merchandising display design, examining the pros and cons of overseas and domestic production, and understanding the variety of shipping methods available can help keep programs from being derailed.

  • Self-Order Kiosks Help Customers, Boost Efficiencies for Illinois Cannabis Dispensary
    With seven stores in Illinois and Michigan, and more planned, self-order kiosks have proven a useful tool for Consume Cannabis.

  • Featured Partner: Showtime Pictures

    This issue, we feature Showtime Pictures, a well-respected name in photo concessions that provides photography services to attractions nationwide.

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