Smart Home Displays

Smart home devices connect with and educate customers at retail.

Smart home devices bring automation to the household.

Connected home technology can be complex, so consumer education becomes a key component when featuring these advanced products. Instruct and encourage interaction with displays that guide consumers on the path-to-purchase.

GE Electric

Educate customers with interactive merchandising displays.

Show homeowners how your innovative products can improve their day-to-day.

Staples Connected Home Displays
Smart Home Displays

A Staples display shows a multi-platform solution that enables consumers to control home and office technology by a single app.

GE Display
GE Displays

GE educates consumers on their smart home bulbs, wireless switches, and more using interactive features.

Phillips lighting smart home display
Philips Hue End Cap

A tablet on the Philips Hue end cap display simulated the app allowing customers to interact, choose colors, view videos, and more.

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