Stadium and Campus Self-Order Kiosks

Self-order concession kiosks offer food service management companies quick and efficient order processing at stadiums, college campuses, businesses, and other venues.

Concession self-service kiosks reduce congestion at the stadium food counter.

A convenient ordering platform for fans, self-order kiosks improve order accuracy and cut back on customer wait times.  In addition, companies save on labor costs while increasing ticket order sizes thanks to software upselling features.

See how the Jacksonville Jaguars use our self-ordering food kiosks at their stadium.

Kiosks in cafeteria

Self-order kiosks provide benefits for multiple environments.

In addition to stadium settings, food service providers can utilize self-order kiosks at college campuses, business sites, hospital cafeterias, and more.

With labor shortages causing staffing issues, self-service kiosks can fill labor gaps by taking orders, accepting payment, registering loyalty programs, and much more.

Streamline services at your sites with self-order kiosks

Set yourselves apart in the food service market by offering your clients the latest technology at their facilities, campuses, and venues.

Kiosks in Arena
Campus Kiosks

Streamline student amenities with self-service college kiosks.

QSR Self order kiosk
QSR Self-Service Kiosks

Cut the wait for your customers, and save on labor costs with restaurant kiosks.

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