Dave & Buster’s powers up their family entertainment loyalty program with re-designed interactive kiosks

power_up.jpgDave & Buster’s, where you can “Eat, Drink, Play & Watch Sports®”, is building on their ability to offer “ticket-less” rewards points directly to the gamer’s card by re-designing their loyalty kiosks. Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. designed and produced both the Loyalty Reward Kiosk and POWER CARD® Kiosk for use in Dave & Buster’s locations nationwide.

Players can enroll in the Dave & Buster’s POWER CARD® loyalty program at the free-standing Loyalty Rewards Kiosk. The nearby self-service Power Card Kiosks can be used independently to recharge a loyalty card, add to the card, or check their winning’s balance, designating rewards as e-tickets or paper tickets.

The Dave & Buster’s multi-kiosk program is responsive to customers’ changing needs, along with Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.’s ability to design successful interactive kiosk programs thoroughly and efficiently.

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