Why Smart Lockers are the Future of Order Pickup

Smart locker system with food background

With recent data showing a significant growth in click and collect sales over the past year, it’s no surprise that innovative technology like smart locker systems has gained momentum as a convenient solution for both customers and businesses alike. Not only are quick service restaurants rolling out food lockers at their locations, but Amazon has […]

How Self-Service Can Shape the Future of Grocery

grocery kiosks

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in August 2019 and has been recently updated to reflect the most current industry news. 2020 proved to be a dichotomy for the grocery industry. On one hand, companies had little time to implement safety protocols as they continued to provide essential services to the public.  On […]

Today’s Interactive Retail Displays

Interactive Retail Displays

There was a time when experiential merchandising displays broke the mold with simple video loops or motion sensors prompting audio call-to-actions. Building on the groundwork of these features, many of today’s interactive retail displays go even further with original ideas to showcase and demo products. It’s no surprise to see innovative brands implementing unique elements […]

How Much Does a Self-Service Kiosk Cost?

Self-service kiosks in an atrium

Today you can order a cheeseburger, pay a doctor’s bill, and even renew your driver’s license without relying on another person’s assistance.  Self-service technology has empowered patrons to take actions on their own, while businesses benefit from the enhanced customer service and added revenue these tools provide. And while forward-thinking businesses recognize interactive kiosks are an […]

College Campus Kiosks Transform Higher Education

College Campus Kiosks

As standard and custom kiosks spawn innovation and provide convenience across several industries, college campuses can capitalize on many of the same benefits for students, faculty, and staff. From streamlining student services to delivering information and ensuring public safety, there are countless opportunities for college campus kiosks to transform the higher education sector. Streamline Student […]

2021 Predictions for Retail and the Point of Purchase Industry


When I wrote the “What’s in Store for 2020” blog last December, I could not have predicted what was to come in three short months.  My closing statement promised a bright future for retail and the point of purchase industry in 2020. Instead, a worldwide pandemic shifted industry conversation from experiential retail and strategic partnerships […]

Workplace Temperature Kiosks Help Businesses Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19

Workplace Temperature Kiosks

Recently, New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy signed a COVID-19-related executive order requiring specific health and safety standards that would protect New Jersey workers at their places of employment.  Amongst many directives listed under the order, one regulation outlines employers must conduct daily health checks like temperature screenings, self-assessment surveys, or questionnaires. With cases continuing to […]

Can Self-Service Kiosks Offer Support In Today’s Retail Conditions?

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began dominating headlines earlier this year, retailers and brands have been forced to demonstrate agility when meeting new customer expectations. More than ever, the transformed consumer now counts on operational supply chains, accessibility, and arguably most important, enhanced safety standards. While retail stores strategize short-term goals to meet health regulations, maintain […]

Five Benefits of Remote Temperature Screening Kiosks

Remote Temperature Kiosks

As states begin easing COVID-19-related business restrictions, many companies have been careful to enact strategies that allow a safe return to operations. Unsurprisingly, many are looking to fever detection systems as a first step to help flag associates who are running a temperature and are at risk of bringing an illness into the workplace. These […]

Why Healthcare Kiosks Are Essential in the Changing Medical Landscape

healthcare kiosks

As news reports detail the impact COVID-19 will have on our population and the healthcare system that serves it, many medical facilities have put systems in place to streamline services and keep frontline workers safe.  Once the pandemic ends, these same procedures will remain, with clinics and hospitals looking to invest in strategies to maintain […]