Breaking the Retail Barrier... in 3D

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ROBO 3D Endcap Merchandiser

ROBO 3D™ personal 3D printers entered into the retail channel in an abbreviated timeframe to deliver a targeted solution to gain premier endcap placement at select Best Buy store locations.

The endcap display introduces ROBO 3D by showcasing the 3D printer and printout examples while providing education of the 3D printing process via interactive video.

"Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. saved us! We had to pull together this endcap display and experience in a short period of time and Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. was able to work with us extensively to make it happen. The vision of the endcap came to life based on our ideas and working with their team was truly seamless. We appreciate their help in launching us in Best Buy - more than they even know."

- Brayden Moreno, CEO, ROBO 3D, Inc.

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