Riding for a Cause - with Team Frank Mayer and Associates

group-photo.jpgEarlier this month I had the pleasure of participating in the 31st annual Wisconsin BikeMS 150: Best Dam Bike Ride. It’s been called “the best two days on a bicycle” where nearly 2,000 cyclists and volunteers participate in a 150-mile bicycle ride through the rolling hills of southeastern, WI including a 25-member team sponsored by Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

Fifteen years ago my brother Ed and I were both diagnosed with MS, this prompted myself and another family member to get involved with the Wisconsin BikeMS ride and we have continued to do so each year. Our inaugural team, named “FMA Psycholists”, started with four riders back in 2001. This team has grown to 25 members completing the ride in 2014. Over the past 14 years, FMA Psycholists has raised over $220,000 for MS research.

The Wisconsin BikeMS 150: Best Dam Bike Ride started 31 years ago when there were zero approved MS treatment drugs. There are 13 different medication treatments, all developed with funding help from the MS Society. In 2013, the Wisconsin Best Dam Bike Ride raised roughly 1.4 million dollars for Multiple Sclerosis research and programs that help the 11,000 people in Wisconsin dealing with MS. Progress is being made!

biking.jpgSo, why is it called the Best Dam Bike Ride? The ride got its name from the small Wisconsin town of Beaver Dam, which was the overnight stop for the two-day ride when it began in 1984. Back then, the 156 participants rode 75 miles each day, then slept on the floor of a local grade school, and snacked on “gorp.” Today, there are more than 1,700 riders, the overnight stay is at a university halfway along the route, and the beverage of choice is Gatorade.

For cyclists and all those seeking a personal challenge and a world free of MS, Bike MS is the premier fundraising cycling series in the nation. I invite you to challenge yourself and sign up for one of the MS bike rides in over 48 states.

For more information about Multiple Sclerosis, view this MS fact sheet.


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