Recon Instruments smart eyewear is showcased in-store

Recon Instruments partners with Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. to merchandise their smart eyewear with an innovative display program at-retail.

Smart eyewear company, Recon Instruments, is highlighting their Recon Jet™ series of smart sunglasses with a merchandising display program in specialty sporting goods retailers worldwide.

In both counter and free-standing retail configurations, the specialty lifestyle sporting goods products are secured, yet accessible, with a hinged light box. The smart eyewear's intelligent display is demonstrated with looping video, while product is securely merchandised below.

“Wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) represent a major shift in personal computing experience, and the public’s fascination with their potential can be serviced at the point of sale to entertain, delight and draw traffic,” said Thomas Fowler, chief marketing officer for Recon Instruments.

“Consumers have many options when it comes to shopping venues so delivering a magical customer experience in every environment is particularly important today.” Thomas Fowler, chief marketing officer for Recon Instruments. “When a customer enters a brick and mortar store, they expect more than product selection; they expect an experience that they can’t get in the online shopping world. Certainly virtual reality products deliver in that regard and distinguish the brick and mortar experience from online options.”

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