Consumer Electronics Show 2013

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So another Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone, and by now you’ve already heard about the abundance of headphones and tablet PC’s, 4x resolution and 110” TV’s (which my wife won’t let me sell her car to buy), remote control helicopters so you can peek in your neighbors back yard and the ability to control everything in your home with your phone.

The one thing that continues to excite me as a designer is that 3D printing continues to get more and more affordable. Aside from the obvious applications (proving out parts and short run production), I can see this as a great tool in presentations. Scale models can be placed into their environments or 3D planograms can be reconfigured. There’s value here not only for us to present to you but for you to communicate with your accounts. And with the rumors that one of the big box office supply stores will add this as a service, someday we could be able to upload the file to your local location for you to pick up at your convenience.


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